Intriguing Look at a Camp for Rich Kids and their Secrets

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Camp Alpine Lake is in a town called Roxwood in Vermont. Catering to the children of the very wealthy, it is a fixture in town and also a place that the townspeople like to call where the “leeches” come from. The kids at Alpine Lake are spoiled and entitled. But Goldie Easton, a counselor for the second year, is not rich, spoiled or entitles. She attended the camp when she was younger because her parents work there. This year, she needs the camp to help her feel safe and like she belongs somewhere. She is holding back a terrible secret about an accident from her camping best friends, Ava and Imogen. There are so many hints at what happened on New Year’s Eve, but nothing is revealed definitively during the First Look. The questions that need to be answered have me totally intrigued. How did camp owner Mellie save Goldie’s life? Why is there tension crackling in the air when the buses arrive with the counselors for the summer? What exactly are the three best friends hiding from each other? There are some twists going on already, making this an enticing book with lots of characters to either love or hate. I really want to know how Goldie will survive the summer and whether the truth (whatever that may be) will ever come out. I really want to read this book and find out how it all ends!