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The Connellys are 3 adult siblings whose Irish-born mother made up fairy tales about them and their super powers when they were children. Now, as adults, they continue to be close and live together but their “super powers” don’t always serve them well in real life. The story begins with Tara, the youngest sibling being released from prison and struggling with her role within the family, the challenges of post-prison life and a new romance that shouldn’t happen. We also learn that her siblings have adjustments and issues of their own that magnify all their struggles.
I really enjoyed the characters of the Connelly siblings with all their understandable flaws and felt like the author developed them and their relationships well. The story was very predictable but still entertaining and enjoyable. The relationship between Tara and Brian is unrealistic but common in romance fiction. Fortunately, this is a more secondary story line. Overall, I would recommend this book for a quick and pleasant read.
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