Loved the complicated family dynamics

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Oh I loved this one! It is choc full of complicated family dynamics with siblings who are fiercely loyal and the sacrifices you make for your family.

It follows the Connelly siblings: Tara who is rebuilding her life after an 18 month prison sentence for a drug charge, Eddie who is navigating life as a single dad and ongoing effects of a brain injury, and Geraldine, who tries to hold everything together but is cracking under the burden of secrets.

We see these characters put up brave fronts as they try to navigate their own problems without asking for help. They are each complex and messy, but you can't help but root for them despite their flaws. Tara is not your traditional heroine, but I loved her unlikely friendship with Brian, bond with her nephew, and passion for art.

My only complaint is I wanted more — an epilogue or something showing where they all landed. I loved it and am already itching to see what comes next from Tracey Lange.