I loved this book!!

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After reading We Are The Brennan’s I was so excited to be invited by @celadon to read an advance copy of The Connelly’s Of County Down.
Tara Connelly has just finished her sentence of eighteen months in prison, and she’s ready to see her family but doesn’t know what her future holds. Neither her sister Geraldine or her bother Eddie are there to pick her up, instead Detective Brian who helped put her away offers her a ride.
Immediately when she arrives home she sees her sister has moved her to the attic, and her former bedroom is locked, and her homecoming isn’t as welcoming as she’d hoped. Tara was an art teacher but now finding a job proves challenging , especially with a felony drug trafficking conviction, she won’t be allow to work with children now. It’s soon apparent that her bother and sister along with her nephew Connor have struggled in her absence, and may have a few secrets of their own. Eddie and his brain injury and raising Connor and Geraldine with work . Tara is confused on why Detective Brian keep showing up unannounced and they soon become close. Soon the family begins to crack and when the secrets are revealed the Connelly’s may risk losing each other and their future. The Connelly’s were a beautifully broken family who loves each-other and this story is filled with hope and love , and leaves you asking are you ever really able to move on from your past?