Dysfunctional family

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I love a book with tons of character development and also love a book with family drama. The Connellys of County Down gives us the best of both worlds.
After We Are the Brennens I instantly became a fan of Tracey Lange and her writing style, so I was beyond excited when I saw this book pop up on Bookish First.

This is the story of three siblings, each very much different than the others, yet at the same time they are each dealing with their own set of issues. Despite their differences, and secrets, when it comes down to it, family is family. No matter how messed up! I love that the chapters alternate between Geraldine, Tara, and Eddie. Normally I am a first person point of view junkie but Tracey Lange has a way with third person writing that makes you still feel just as connected to each of the characters as you would if they were telling the story to you directly. Bonus points for a beautiful cover!