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Margot has been dealt a pretty unfair share of horror and trauma in her life. As the sole survivor of a fatal car crash that claimed the lives of her entire family, she enters into the foster care system traumatized and somewhat broken. Who wouldn't be? When a wealthy and unknown family shows up to adopt her, she is understandably skeptical. After their connection is revealed, an old and tenuous one at best, Margot is still not sure why she is there...until she meets Agatha. Then, her true reason for being brought to the Copeland estate comes to light. But the reason is very dark indeed.

Ok so this book did not go the way I was expecting it to which I loved. I caught on to what I thought was happening about 2/3 of the way through the book (turns out I was right), but that was definitely not what I thought it was going to be when I started the book. I really thought the author did a good job with Margot's frame of mind and how she was effected by her trauma. She also did a good job at conveying her sense of self-consciousness and the perceived pressure on her to be a "good little orphan". I really liked all of the characters, even the antagonist for most of the book.

I did feel like I had some questions at the end of the book. There were some aspects that seemed a bit magical and given that the book wasn't actually a superstitious book (i.e., no ghosts, sorry) these things were confusing for me. Maybe I just missed the logical explanation for them, but I don't think so.