Sad and intriguing

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The silver spoon covered with pins caught my attention from the beginning. It made me think that there was a promise of richness (either family or money) comes with a price. I feel so sorry for Margot. She lost her whole family to a tragic car accident, saw both her and her family's belongings sold off to pay off her parents debts and then is sent to an orphanage to live because she has no living relatives. On top of all that she has horrible nightmares that cause others to dislike her. She is called "Lucky" by Tam who is also living at Palmer House. Margot is going to live with the Sutton family. I need to find out what happens to margot!! Something seems really wrong with the Sutton family, especially Agatha. What happened to her? What are the Suttons hiding? Will Margot be ok? I need to know if Margot will be safe!! I hope I'm one of the lucky ones chosen so I find out all the answers to my questions.