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This book is clearly a page turner. The Chapel family has been through so much over the pages of this book that I actually took my time to read it. The girls being named after flowers is the first thing you notice: Aster, Rosalind, Calla, Daphne, Iris & Zellie are all in themselves strong women. They have such close bonds as sisters growing up in what they call the wedding cake. When the first sister dies it’s so unbelievable how it happens that when the next goes you expect something just as weird but not even I could imagine how each of these women parish. I love that Iris is the narrator, because she isn’t the youngest sister but you get the perspective from the 4th kid & how through her eyes that their mother wasn’t crazy or how she hoped she wasn’t going crazy. The dad is very stoic in this story & you only really get the perception of him. I think everyone will be shocked at the ending like I was.