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The Cherry Robbers follows the family of 5 close-knit teen/twenties daughters in the 1950s when women were expected to marry and produce children. Unfortunately, this family appears to be cursed. Their mother is the first survivor in a long line of women who’ve died in childbirth and she can still here her own mothers dying screams in her mind.

When the oldest daughter is planning her wedding, mom has a premonition that ‘something terrible’ will happen if the wedding takes place. Most of the young women have accepted that mom is a bit…dramatic, and ignore the warnings. Only 1 daughter seems to understand and believe her mother. When tragedy strikes the morning after the first daughters wedding, will that be enough to convince the other girls to listen to their mothers warnings/rankings?

Mysterious and well written. Some parts move quite quickly while others can be a bit slow to unravel. All in all quite an interesting read.