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Wow. So I received this book I’m a raffle from BookishFirst. The premise sounded great and the book itself was even better. It was quite intense. I found myself skipping to the end to see what happened. This was such a page Turner instead of working, I sat down and read this book. I thought the main character Iris/Sylvia was fantastic and the family dynamic unique. Unusual, surprising story! Nicely done! This book is about a sort of odd family situation where women in the story don't make it through childbirth. Plot twist here is that the girls' mother in this book does survive and ends up having five of her own girls. Unfortunately, once they marry or fall in love death finds them. The sole remaining daughter runs so far away that the curse doesn't seem to be able to find her. This book walks you through what happened with the four sisters and then leads up to present day where the main character's identity is discovered.