It was an okay read for me

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When I first had a chance to read the Bookishfirst review of the Cherry Robbers I was intrested in what was offered by this author. The tone of the chapter was different and I was drawn in. Now that I have the chance to really dive into the book (thank you for the advance review copy!) I can take my time and really read the story. First off, the cover is great. I love eye candy books and this is on of those. Guns and flowers, yes please. Now, on to the meat and potatoes as they say. The Cherry Robbers started off a little slow for me. Maybe it's just me though as I am not one to normally pick up this type of book. I found myself reading a few pages and then setting it down. Every time I picked it back up I was hoping to get drawn into the story but alas, I just did not happen for me. I eneded up dnfing this a third of the way. Maybe at some point I will revist it but I kind of doubt it.