Gothic and terrifyingly timely

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“I think I’ve finally come to realize it’s my destiny to be one of the madwomen.”

Sylvia Wren is a world famous artist but also a ghost and is sent a letter bringing up a past she left behind. The book tells the story of Iris Chapel, one of 6 girls. The girls live in a house described as a wedding cake headed by their father who heads a firearm company. Their mother is haunted by ghosts of the victims of gun violence. Their mother was a motherless daughter of a motherless daughter. A reluctant mother herself, she leaves her six daughters mostly alone until she warns of terrible things to happen right before the marriage of her eldest daughter. Iris is 5th of the daughters and the only one that believes her mother.

This book was set in the 50’s but feels relevant today as women’s choices are being restricted again. It is a gothic tale with modern relevancy.