Fascinating dual timelinr

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Fascinating story told in dual timelines - 2017 and 1950. Iris is second to youngest of six sisters with a curse and a haunted mother. Her family begins to fall apart. Sylvia Wren the recluse artist lives a quiet life in New Mexico until a rouge journalist connects Sylvia to Iris. As we soon discover Sylvia is living under an assumed identity with no desire for her secret to go public. How can she outrun her tragic past and continue her artistic life when the commotion around her identity won’t retreat. As we learn more about Iris and her family were astounded to fathom the depth of the tragedy that occurs one sister after another. They each attempt to escape the neglect of their distant father and troubled mother only to find their path of escape being marriage will likely kill them. One sister at a time. Fraught with fear, mental health and illness this title is one not to miss!