Fascinating and creepy!

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A very surprising book in a very good way! I am just astounded by the storyline and characters of The Cherry Robbers. I was captivated from the beginning to end with this story of life, love, and survival. There is also just the right amount of mystery or unexplained happenings that make the reader really question the reality of the situation. Grief can effect the mind in different ways, and in a time where women are not believed and have no rights, the Chapel family’s situation escalates quickly.
I love how the author took inspiration from the real life Sarah Winchester because her life is fascinating and creepy. Belinda’s story is similar in a way, but this book focuses on her family and how they are effected in turn. Sylvia’s story in particular is a coming of age tale mixed with mysterious curses and haunting memories. It is tough enough to navigate the world as a teenager, let alone do it with a family that is reclusive and mysterious. This was a gripping tale that kept me hooked and entertained. A great read!