Erudite and Chilling, the perfect summer read.

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This is a thriller gothic historical that commences of approximately the 1950's, amongst six sisters in the south. What I undeniably fancied right away was how posthastedly I could relate to Iris Chase a.k.a Sylvia Wren. I too have had formerly thoughts of being able to restablished living a normal life by simply changing my name. Along with being able to relate to Sylvia. I soon found that I could sympathizable with Sylvia and her sisters for how horrendously relatable I found the family dynamic to be. I felt such an eerie relatablness to that of my own patriarchal based familyhood life. With which it was as if the author had lifted the folds of the patriarchal dirtiness that I'd try to keep in the dark for how frightened I was to see it in the light for how it was truly, ugly and damaging. If my relatabiltiy to these few things didn't shock you the ending definitely will.

Also, I love the cover of the book. The eye-catching pink flowers clashing well with the gun. They absolutely go together very well. I've never seen any cover like it before, so it's definitely aesthetically unique.