Creepy but...

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The story as it unfolded with the tragedies that were the Chapel sisters was intriguing and once I got into it, I had to keep reading. I guess that is kind of morbid to really get into the story in the lead up to Astrid's wedding and then her very unexpected (for the family but not the reader) death. Plus the whole rhyme that the Chapel Sisters first get married and then buried is pretty darn cool.

I am sad that the mystery was not explained about why the girls dies but it seemed like the author was saying that men will be the death of women, and suppress them into shells of their former selves. I don't think I agree with the message and that kinda threw me off the story a bit after awhile. Plus, you can write a good feminist book without making all men weak, jerks, or stupid. I think it would have been better if the balance had been there between men and women.