Creepy and Perfect

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I was a bit skeptical about Cherry Robbers after Dietland but I was VERY pleasantly surprised!!! I absolutely love a good gothic novel and this really contributed to the genre. Cherry Walkers follows Sylvia’s Wren’s life - and the life of her supposedly haunted family - over the course of a few generations. I liked how the core mystery was written subtly, I think that added a lot to the tone of the novel being “gothic”. The writing was exquisite and the characters were beautifully written. I also really enjoyed how the author tied in relevant problems for today’s world and showed how they aren’t new, we are just now able to publicly talk about them. This of course leads to some of the ultimate horrors of the book and it’s era: misogyny. And as a feminist woman myself, I know there is nothing more horrifying - and sadly still relevant - than that. This is officially one of my favorite reads of the year. 5/5 ☺️