Crazy Ride

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This book was a crazy ride. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was not what I got. The book is told in two timelines the present 2017 with famous artist Sylvia Wren faced with a journalist who has tracked down her hidden past as Iris Chapel. This starts Sylvia to reminisce by writing her tragic past in journal form which is the second timeline for the book. Iris was one of 6 Chapel girls who appeared to be cursed. When it was first predicted that something bad would happen I was not expecting the something bad that came at all. The book had a bit of a gothic and supernatural bent but was generally good historical fiction. The writing was good and the story, while incredibly strange, was engrossing. The characters were interesting and even though very few of them were like able they were believable and kept my attention. This was my first book Sarai Walker, but I will be looking for future books by her.