A new favorite

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I read the first chapter and had that rare gut feeling of knowing that this was a book I was going to love. So I would recommend this: read the first chapter, and if the writing connects with you in that first part, and the narration and story so far intrigues you, don't look up any other reviews and go into the rest of the book blind.

I didn’t just love this, this is my favorite read of 2022 so far. It's a thrilling gut-punch of a book. The night I finished it, it kept me up till 4AM because I didn't want to put it down. Maybe I need to read better books, but this doesn't happen often with me! The last time was with Emily M. Danforth's “Plain Bad Heroines” and... now that I think of it, I would recommend “The Cherry Robbers” to anyone who loved that book too. Like 100%.

Read this if you love gothic books with gorgeous prose writing, feminist and queer elements, some spookiness, and a whole lot of tragedy.