Pretty Okay

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This book was an okay read for me overall.

I think something I didn't love was that the characters read a bit younger to me than they're stated ages. Like, they were supposed to be sixteen/seventeen years olds, but it felt more like they were fourteen/fifteen years olds. Granted, all teens are not the same, and some act (and speak) more maturely than others. They (and their dialogue) just read a bit too young for my personal taste.

The pacing of this book could have been a bit tighter. I personally felt there were a lot of places were the plot moved a bit too slow. But I thought it picked up at the end, which was a nice surprise.

I loved the creepy beginning with the monster, and I wanted more of those vibes throughout the story!

Something I loved about this book though, was the diverse representation, with Black and brown characters. I loved that the author had a Yoruba main character, that was really nice to see.

Overall, I'm glad I read the book. I just wished it was more horror and less high school drama.