Not For Me

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I was so excited for this book after reading the first two chapters as a sneak peek. Ife’s voice was so strong. Over the course of the story, though, the characters became more and more watered down and started to feel like little more than vessels to make the plot progress. Except that the plot turned into a series of nonsensical childish puzzles, none of which felt consistent with the internal logic of the world. The stakes were unclear and inconsistent. It often felt like things were happening for no reason at all, and by the time the characters were at the point where they were solving the mystery, I had stopped being invested. The premise was interesting, and I didn’t mind that it started to go in a more scifi direction, but the way that information was disseminated and the way the characters reacted to it was so disconnected that the book lost me.

I received this book as an ARC. My views are my own, and I wish the author all the best.