Marvelous High School Thriller

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This book had me hooked from the prologue. I love a good modern thriller, and this one has been added to my list of the best. It's set at a secretive private high school with rumors going around the school about the missing people. The main character has no idea how deeply involved in this mystery she will end up being when she transferred to the school. This book is thrilling, modern, and filled with fascinating characters and mysteries. I would highly recommend this book to any lovers of mysteries and thrillers. It reminds me of "Good Girl's Guide to Murder" with both the setting and the layers to the titular mystery. I promise that once you pick up this book, you will have a difficult time putting it back down again until you've read it cover to cover. Thank you to bookishfirst for letting me read a copy of this great thrilling novel! I'm happy to have it in my high school classroom for students to read.