YA breaking boundaries

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Truly enriching story. Characters were engaging, interesting story/plotline and lovely writing. The description of the scenery made me feel as though I was there, of the Italian countryside to the capital, and is how I think of when I see pictures. There's a complex family and Mafia saga and let's face it - who doesn't love a good Mafia saga? Combine that with fantasy and magic and a LGBTQ+ romance, and the adventure, and it really provides a rich and captivating story. Capetta does an excellent job of using all these elements and more to develop a supreme plotline that flows throughout the story, and doesn't lose focus or falter. I thoroughly appreciate the incorporation of an LGBTQ+ and the focus of genderfluidity. I feel that writing and literature is meant to break boundaries, so I was happy to see something different, especially for the YA genre, which is one of my favorites. I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to read "The Brilliant Death" firsthand, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bravo Capetta! I look forward to the encore.