Loved it!

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I absolutely loved both the concept and the style of this book. It was a new take on magic that I hadn't read before, I hadn't heard of any characters with powers quite like Teo's. I enjoyed how she used her magic not to kill those who had wronged her family, but simply changed them into something that reflected who they were as a person. It was often a better reflection than the person themselves gave when they were human and breathing. She was also an interesting contrast to her siblings, not quite aggressive enough to be like her brother, but also not gentle enough to be like her sister. Yet she was still a very strong female lead who did what she wanted and did it on her terms, which is a good sort of character to read about.
Cielo was an absolute delight to read about. They were a wonderful take on a genderfluid character. They pushed the idea that even though they were both male and female at times, or a bird or a mouse, they were still the same being. At any given time they contained all forms of themself but sometimes felt more like expressing some than others.
The entire book was very plot-driven I felt. There were oftentimes I felt I should put it down but then something would happen to ensnare me in the world again. All in all, I thought that this was a wonderfully written book and I can't wait for the sequel!