Iconic and Amazing Queer Story

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The Brilliant Death is set in an Italy-inspired land, Vinalia, where they’re ruled by the five mafia-esque dons. In this world, stregas are people who have various powers— such as being able to bake food that helps uncover hidden memories or turning someone’s worries into physical form— but most of them are hidden to the outside world. Teo, our protagonist, is the daughter of one of the dons and secretly a strega: she often turns her father’s opponents into items that she uses to adorn her room.

When the Capo, the new ruler of the entire land, sends letters to all the dons that are actually poisonous, Teo’s father becomes ill. This means that Teo and her brother, Luca, have to travel to the capital to meet the Capo and help her father recover.

However, Teo’s brother doesn’t want to be a ruler, so Teo has to figure out how to transform herself into a boy to take his place. And Cielo, another strega who can transform themself, has to try to teach her how to.

I loved the writing of this book so, so much. It was so beautiful and so easily bingeable and fluid (just like our mcs!!). I easily read the entire book in a day and that was right after finishing another book.

Also, our standard Traveling To The Area actually held my attention and I was invested [cue shock].