I can't wait for the sequel!

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I could not help myself, I devoured this book once I finally started reading it. I really enjoyed pretty much everything about this book. Because of that, let's start with my one criticism. I felt that the author could have fleshed out a few more details with the relationship between the two main characters. I understood it and enjoyed it but wanted more interaction and more thought out into the minor reactions between them. That being said, I still felt like she did a decent job with their relationship, it just could have been better. I loved the rest of the relationships in the story. Especially the one between the protagonist and her brothers. Being young, but not a child, her interactions with them were spot on for her age and her position in the story. Most of all, I loved the descriptions of the magic. The author guides without being too descriptive. You understand how the magic works but there is still enough open to interpretation that your imagination is fully engaged in the story. Overall, I would definitely recommend the book and look forward to sharing it with many others.