Well researched historical fiction

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In the 1930's, nineteen year old Cussy Carter and her father live in the isolated hilly woods of Troublesome Cree, Kentucky. They are they last "blue people" of Kentucky, a rare genetic anomaly, and endure racism and prejudice because of the blue color of their skin. They are considered "colored." They scrabble out a tough living with dad working in coal mines and Cussy taking a job with the unique, government funded Pack Horse Library project. This book is interesting and fairly well written. I appreciated the research that clearly went into it's creation and found the genetic anomaly of the blue skinned people of Kentucky to be fascinating. It was a little frustrating that it seemed like Cussy was never able to stand up for herself, but I guess that was the case for many women and minorities of her time. I was waiting for her antagonizers and oppressors to be put in their place and I sadly never had the satisfaction. Overall, I still enjoyed the book.