Unique Historical Fiction, Rich in its Humanity

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The premise of this book is based on a fascinating little slice of history: the Pack Horse Library project. Single women were hired to take stacks of donated books to isolated families during the Great Depression, known as "Book Women". This is how we find our main character, Cussy Mary Carter, who serves in Kentucky near Troublesome Creek. This book was packed with well researched history as we follow Cussy, also known as "Bluet" to her patrons, along her pack mule route, spreading the written word to the hardened Appalachian mountain people. It's rich in its humanity, detailing the struggles of the Depression and the gift that knowledge and literacy can provide to those who have experience the harsh realities of poverty and discrimination. We meet all walks of life right alongside Cussy in this unique historical fiction that tugs at the heart strings and reminds of the special power the pages of a book can bring.