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My Old Kentucky Home

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What a wonderfully written story about the pack horse librarians and the Blue People of Kentucky. This story follows Cussy Carter, a pack horse librarian and last female of the Blue People, a family with a rare genetic condition that makes their skin look blue. In this story, Cussy must navigate the prejudices of her small Kentucky town while providing books and other reading materials to the poor hill folks of Eastern Kentucky.

One of the things I liked most about this book was its setting in Kentucky. This is where I grew up, so the setting really resonated with me, especially when Cussy visits Lexington. She goes to the hospital right now the road from the apartment I lived in when I was in college in Lexington.

I also loved the history of the Blue People of Kentucky. It's something I had heard of before, but never really looked into. I immediately started researching them after reading this book. And Cussy is such a great character! She has to go through so much hardship and deal with the town folks' racism, but is able to stay strong and do the things she believes in.