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This book is out of this world!!! I love historical fiction but this is beyond another level!!! This domestic his-fic novel, #TheBookOfTroublesomeCreek by #KimMicheleRichardson, is as humanized as it gets about Book Women and/or Pack Horse Service during New Deal era under Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the proud and pride-ish people of eastern hill Kentuckian around the Appalachian mountains. The passionate book women’s objective was to spread literacy to the isolated eastern Kentucky who didn’t have access to schools, libraries and/or proper roads. Also, this particular book brought the “blue-blooded” people who could only be found in few US states with direct lineage/descendant from France harboring Methemoglobinemia disease (lacking of oxygen causing skin to turn blue).
At ay rate, this book is a must read despite being late to the reading party! Do you like historical fiction and would you delve into the second novel, The Book Woman’s daughter? The second novel will be available this coming May, and I will be looking forward to it!