I loved this book!

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I loved this book far more than I was expecting. I’d never heard of the Blue Fugates but I was really intrigued to find that there were in fact people with a blood disorder that caused their skin to be blue.
Cussy is the last of the blues in this story, and she’s working as a pack mule librarian. The pack-mule librarians are already looked upon with suspicion, and being blue makes it that much harder for Cussy. Despite the long days of hauling books out to remote locations, and the suspicion and distaste with which she is often regarded Cussy is steadfastly kind and positive. I loved getting to meet the people on her route and see them through Cussy’s eyes. As an avid reader, I also really enjoyed seeing Cussy’s love of books and her passion about sharing them with the people around her. I appreciated the ingenuity of the pack horse librarians in making scrapbooks with local knowledge and lore when not enough books were available to them. I recommend this book to everyone who loves language, and who loves scrappy, strong, interesting women.