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Educational and fraught

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This book was my book club’s pick for this month but i had wanted to read this book since i first heard about it. I remember, and am unlikely to forget, the first time i saw a blue person. I was grocery shopping and saw a blue man in line ahead of me. I was completely captivated by him and if i hadn’t been captive by the checkout process i probably would have made an ass of myself asking him questions. It shocks me to read this book because i can’t relate to that feeling of hatred or fear upon seeing him. I just wanted to know what the story was. And I’m so grateful to this book for helping me, probably a decade later.

This book was well written, drawing the reader into the story with an intense hook right in the beginning. Cussy is a strong woman who dealt with more than her share of strife. She taught Troublesome Creek more than how to read. And just when i thought things were getting lame at the end, there was more to learn!