A heart warming read

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This is beautiful, heartwarming and rewarding novel. Cussy is a very lovable character. It is easy to be sad or happy with her on her journey. I was rooting for Cussy from the start of the novel. Her love for books did not weaver from beginning to the end, despite difficulties and distractions. And she was able to share and inspire this love of books to many other people in her community.

Besides Cussy, I really liked that the novel is based on less know historical facts, like the blue-skinned people of Kentucky and Pack horse library service. I feel like Cussy's story is much better because of these two historical items, and they are made much more relatable because of Cussy's story.

The novel definitely transported me to another place and time, narrated in the voice of Cussy. I would recommend this book wholeheartedly.