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whimsy, magic, and romance

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Such a magical story! I loved the quaint feeling of the town and the lovely characters. The whole atmosphere of The Book Charmer was just amazing and totally transported me right into the story. Grace and Sarah were both such great women and I really enjoyed the alternate points of view from each of their perspectives and Trav's as well. I could not believe that Grace did not want to be friends with Sarah at first. I mean I would love to have a quirky friend who could talk to books! There was also some romance between Grace and Trav which I am huge fan of, but the story was largely about the town and Grace. I really felt for her while she was trying to figure out what to do to help Mamma G. Trav definitely earned some brownie points with me by having such a compassionate nature about the whole thing. Everyone in Dove Pond really made it feel special though and I would absolutely love to spend more time there and get to know some more of the residents a little better. I believe that fans of women's literature with a touch of whimsy, magic, and romance would definitely enjoy The Book Charmer. It sort of reminds me of how I felt reading Sarah Addison Allen's books. It has that same sort of magical feeling throughout that's a bit hard to explain. Overall I thought it was amazing and am looking forward to book two!