Needs more magic

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I was so excited to read this - it was a book that was most certainly my kind of book. I regret to admit that I couldn't even finish it.

Since I can't very well offer a full review of the book which I did not fully read, I'll tell you why I didn't finish it. I got roughly a third of the way in and literally nothing had happened, save for Grace moving into town. Every scene had pages and pages of descriptive details about the most mundane things - cleaning a garage, furniture, the sidewalk.

Perhaps this book should have really been a novella. When I read the First Look, I never would have thought that. I thought I would been regaled with tales of books speaking to Sarah, and her doling them out to the people who's lives were about to be changed. Instead, there's a good flashback about how Sarah started listening to books, and thereafter, we might as well have been reading a story about how this gal talks to her cats.