A Touching Tale of Healing

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I was not sure about this book at first but I was pleasantly surprised about the story and the characters that touched the heart.
Sarah Dove is a woman who can hear the whispers of the books of the library that she works in. Instead of people checking out books; it is the books that check out people. Enter Grace. Grace, a smart lady from the world of commerce, finds herself caring for what is left of her family. Her niece Daisy and her foster mother Mama G. After being affected by the death of her sister Hannah, Grace struggles to pick up the pieces of her life and that of her family. Grace is determined to only stay for a year in Mama G's hometown. However, Dove Pond and it's people have other ideas.
Throughout the book, I was touched by the people of the town who went out of their way to welcome and aid Grace. The writing was well paced and well thought out.