Could be excellent if done right

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This could be an excellent twist on one of the most critical times in human history. In the midst of the start of World War II the British gathered some of the most intelligent minds of the time. In a secret location Bletchley park on a very special mission almost no one knew about. There task was to do the impossible break the German Enigma machine to decrypt their secret messages. Led by the brilliant Alan Turning the father of computer science their efforts would change the world and led to the direct defeat of Adolf Hitler. The new twist could be a new refreshing take that centers around two teenagers Elizabeth and her genius brother Jakob who is sent on a secret mission to work at Bletchley park. The one glaring issue I noticed right away is his sister knew not even the real time that did the work to defeat Hitlers invention could tell their friends or family. They either lied or told them nothing at all. Obviously this story is a work of fiction but the author’s should have known to keep that critical detail true to the story.