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It was so easy to get lost in this amazing fantastical world built by G. Willow Wilson. Immediately you're drawn to the plight of Fatima, the beautiful concubine of the sultan of a falling empire, as she struggles with her status and her wants and desires to have the same chances as others. Hassan, her best friend and confidant, is the royal mapmaker with the special ability to never be lost and to be able to draw maps of places he's never been. The story follows the two of them as they run from Luz, a Spanish inquisitor, who wants Hassan and Fatima to repent their sins and sorcery. As they escape, they receive help from the jinn Vikram, and it opens their eyes to the magical world that's just beyond their own. They decide to escape to the land of the Bird King, a story that they've used to escape the reality of their previous lives, and Hassan's ability *might* *just* *be* what can bring this land alive.

This book outlines their struggles with love and faith. It's such a wonderful fantasy!