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The Bird King pulls real-life information into the setting, adding a bit of historical fiction to the fantasy the book is offering. The writing style is unique and nicely written. I like the relationship between Fatima and Hassan, his mapping gift is unique, and I like the way it was brought to life, but I do feel like the fantasy aspect of the book was secondary, which was a shame.

On the negative, I did feel that the book was a slow read, and I found myself reading at a snail's pace. There were quite a few situations that did not move the story forward, that seemed to be added for the sake of being added. The majority of the action and the part I loved most of the book was in the first section while they were still in the palace. The writing took a shift after this part, and the plot gets shakey. I didn't love the ending,

On a very positive note, The Bird King is well-researched and the author includes real-life issues of such things as refugees and religion, and I always appreciate when authors include real-life struggles in their books. I did really like Fatima's character and felt Wilson did a great job with her.