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I read the first look for this one and immediately went and added it to my cart to order with my next round of books. Here's the notes I took on this one while I was reading it.
- Absolutely fascinating!
- This one really weaves a spell. The descriptions are absolutely beautiful - very easy to visualize what's happening.
- Love the maps as spells angle!
- This one reads like a long forgotten fairy tale.
- You must look this one up first thing tomorrow (don't forget!) - Buy with December's round of book purchases.

I couldn't have been more pleased to find an excerpt that brought me this much joy. It was the perfect read for just curling up on the couch with a book, a blanket, and a cat. Honestly? The only way that this could have been better was if there had been more included in the preview. I would have loved to know where this one was going as opposed to having to wait for it to show up. Still - it's great to find treats like this one.