Couldn't get invested in the story

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Big thanks to Bookish First for providing me with an advanced copy.

I do not like DNFing books that I get sent for review. It feels disrespectful to me for someone to go out of their way to send me a copy and then for me not to take the time to finish it. However, I am in no mood to force myself to finish something that I am not feeling. I feel another serious bout of depression coming on, and so I don't think it would be good for my health to do anything that brings me down these days. I'm truly sorry.

On to my review.

I didn't dislike this book. I just could not for the life of me get into it. It's very beautifully written, but it is very detailed and rich in setting. I prefer things that are faster paced and start off with a bang. If you love slow burn books, you will probably love this book. I can tell great things, magical things, are about to happen, I just currently do not have the patience to wait for them to come.

I can also tell you that I think this book is very different from anything I've ever read before. It feels like a historical fiction book, ripe with queens and politics and ladies in waiting, but it also feels much more than that. It feels like it has an undercurrent of magical realism tying the whole thing together. It's a shame I couldn't get over the bored feelings I was experiencing while reading it to get to the meat and potatoes of the book. As it stands, I'm unable to tell you if the pace picks up or if the story has a doozy of an ending. This is definitely not the book to try and read while you're feeling slumpy.