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Wasn't for me

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So this book has one of the most beautiful and alluring covers, even the writing within has lovely descriptions. The world building is amazing, and there is a lot of originality. My problem came with the story itself. There was so much beauty talk!

I know this is a book that should make you think about how our society is infatuated with their looks, and it does make you think. So that part does work. But I didn’t care about a lot of it!

The book did have some dark moments which was nice. But the Belles was filled with so many descriptions of food to the point where it was just tooooo much. And normally I love reading about food and want to eat the pages. But when there are too many food descriptions associated with skin color, it kind of feels like cannibalism because it makes me think of food and skin at the same time! Too weird!

I liked the main character, though! As for side characters—Auguste was underdeveloped and came off as more creepy than swoony. Every time he entered the page, I was like go away!

The twists were predictable, but I was fine with that part. However, the writing and a society obsessed with beauty was the highlight for me. Plus, there were all kinds of teacup animals!!