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This book will transport you to new worlds

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This novel engages the senses in a way that I have rarely seen. It is colorful and full of beautiful scents. The writing style is such a beautiful pleasure to read.

Then there is the story. The idea of select people that control the beauty of those around them, was fascinating and kept me interested until the very end.

This beautiful book has all the best features: competition, an evil princess, a likable kind protagonist.

The only thing I would have liked to see more of is character development. I felt as though there were very few characters that the reader got to know deeply. Without that character development many of the characters were lacking motivation for their actions. THAT BEING SAID - I still loved every minute of it, really my complaint is that I wanted more more more!!

I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a novel that engages all of the senses.

ALSO - I didn't know this about myself, but it turns out I really really want a teacup elephant!! Who wouldn't want an elephant that fits in the palm of their hand?!?

ALSO PART2- I probably don't need to point this out, but the cover is gorgeous which never hurts!