So rememberable!

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I read this such a long time ago, it’s honestly been a few years. But out of the many books I’ve read from way back, this is one I remember very well. It’s about monsters hidden behind beauty. There is this fictional world called Orléans, and these monsters called, Belles can make themselves basically beautiful.

This isn’t the most original thing, I can think of a few similarities, but it is pretty original. The names, the concept, it’s very interesting. And the writing style is simply amazing, I recall the descriptions being fabulous and so well written. It really added to the book!

There is a undertone to this book, one that is ugly and not as perfect as these “Belles” try to be. But that was honestly my favorite part, it was so interesting.

Also the characters were perfectly fine as well, I quite liked them actually. I think this story has a great moral, and idea behind it that you can really apply to society.

A great read!!