So fascinating!

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When I sampled The Belles, I was HOOKED! This just had to be one of the books I'd win in the drawing, and it was! Did my little happy dance and waited impatiently.

Finally, it arrived, and the cover was more exquisite in person. From page one I played the "just one more chapter" game, reading until my eyes no longer focused.

Dhonielle Clayton captured the essence of New Orleans with her lush descriptions, giving just enough detail to color the scene without bogging the story down.

The Belles mysterious abilities drew me in as I wanted to know who they were, why they existed, and what they could do.

The tale was fun and enjoyable until the surprising twist. I was so hoping Clayton wouldn't go the expected route, and at first, it seemed she did.

You'll think you know, but quickly discover a surprising adventure with a stunning ending!