I struggled a little with this title.

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This book was so hyped on social media, that I needed to read it, and luckily for me, I received a copy in a book subscription box.
I immediately fell in love with the cover, the hot pink end pages and the stunning hot pink map... I am a sucker for a good map.

But as I started reading, I found myself getting easily distracted, I found the pace rather slow and the events had a choppy feeling transition. I also found the writing style wasn't to my liking, I'm not sure if it is due to the slow pacing or the choppy transitioning, but I found it hard to read.

That being said, the characters were fantastic, well rounded and created perfectly for the time and feel of the book. The story itself was original and the premise of it was fantastic.

This book may be suited to a slightly younger audience, as my younger cousin absolutely adored the book, when I gave her my copy.