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Enchanting and Gorgeous, with a Dark Side

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First off, such a beautiful cover and some of the most gorgeous writing I've read. I felt enchanted, like I was in this delicious world of fruits and candy and flowers and, well, beauty, of course. The writing and descriptions are almost edible!

The Belles control beauty and the story takes place in a kingdom of people who are void of beauty (dull/no coloring, bad hair, etc) and, in this kingdom, people place a high importance on beauty.

The Belles compete to be "favorite" and the favorite gets to work in the royal palace with the royal family.

Of course this honor of being chosen as favorite isn't all it's cracked up to be. And there are secrets. Behind the gorgeous cover and beautiful writing there is darkness lurking.

I won't recite the blurb or say a lot to spoil the ending (it will most definitely be a series of some sort), but I'm really excited to see where the series goes, and how many books there will be (I'm hoping for a duology or trilogy).