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The sequel to Lavender House is titled The Bell in the Fog.

In this book, Elsie's club, the Ruby, sits above Andy Mills' private detective agency. He is making do and then one day he receives a customer from his past. James, an old flame and buddy, seeks Andy's assistance in an extortion plot.

The pace of this book was slower than the previous, and even though I finished it in just five days, it seemed like an eternity. The fact that Lavender House focused more on the family and this one more on Andy's past and present job may have also appealed to me.

The Bell in the Fog is likewise quite brief, and halfway through I believed the mystery was resolved, but another mystery was hidden inside. the it. The other mystery had to be solved quickly as a result, which made it feel hurried.

In general, I enjoyed the book, and I'm eager to see where this series goes. I really hope the series brings back some of the other original characters!