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Although I haven't read the prequel, I was very excited for this book because the synopsis intrigued me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. All the characters were well developed, especially the main character Andy Mills. He was very likable and I was rooting for him throughout the entire novel. I enjoyed the personalities of all the other characters as well. The writing style was simple and easy to follow. I did not feel like this was one of those books that you cant put down, but I was entertained and drawn to it nonetheless. This was the first book that I read that incorporated so many different genres into one novel such as history, LGBTQ, and mystery but I think the author made it work very well. I will say though, I agree with other readers in that the ending was rushed and tied together very quickly within a matter of a few pages, but I did not feel like it took away from the novel. I would definitely recommend this book!