Heartbreaking and heartwarming

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Proof that a coming of age tell can happen at any age. Andy is a former sailor and cop that was kicked off the force for being gay. He’s now a private detective trying to right his wrongs.

It’s easy to fall in love with Andy. He’s full of self doubt but no matter how hard it gets never gives up. And Lee is awesome. They are fun and loving and it never tires.

The mystery is perfectly interwoven with Andy’s story of finding himself. He is blinded by his past and it keeps the reader guessing as much as it does handy.

Your heart will pond and break so many times but it will easily be sown up together.

There is also the start of a love story that is as sweet as it is new. And Andy’s past love comes back to haunt him and make him question who he is, what happened in the past and who he wants to be in the future.

The writing is beautiful and easy to read. It flows and you’ll be halfway through the book before you know it.